Love Lived Like a War

You hide behind your beauty and smile, but your hatred is clear. Your lack of empathy is concerning so concerning that is distracts from the smell of, your flesh burning. I wanted something to feel alive, but not so you can simply kill me all over again. You may have lead me to my death before, but now I’ve become aware of what your charms have instore, making yourself feel more beautiful by condemning anyone who cares about more.


Endangered Beauty

You’re an endangered species; a fish in the sea, much more beautiful than any other could even dream to be. While the water is full of sharks, no one can deny that, inside of you, resides a spark, which ignites into a spectacle of perfection, leaving those who are not blinded by the corruption of this evil world only staring, with envy, in your direction.

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love, which I can’t get rid of, is draining me of all I have, every part, my thoughts, my emotions, every piece of my heart. She is a ghost, who is untouchable. She is mine to see, but never to hold. Every dream in my head, which remain untold, pushes me closer to my threshold. I will continue to move ahead, but forever she will follow me. She no longer is merely a ghost, but a banshee that haunts my mind, without even knowing how much pain she induces. My thoughts will not stop its assaults, due to her perfection, in my eyes, and the suffering it produces. This is all my fault. It was something that I should have been more cautious of because now I am unknowingly tortured by her unrequited love.

You Never

In the darkness you are the light; In battle, you are the reason that I fight. Most men never see such beauty, and now I need you to feel complete; Please, let me hold you tightly. I’ve been injured many times, but you tend to my wounds and give me sustenance when I am weak. As I lay here without you, I realize how strong the hold you have on me is, that I desperately need you in my arms. I pray that you visit me in my sleep and I have your lips to kiss, as we fall asleep drifting around in bliss.